domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Collaborate with Actor

Collaborate with the Actor: - Isaque Ramon  Correia Claudio (Artistic Name: Ramon Claudio) so that he reaches his goals to Study Theater, Movies, Music and Dance in the United States. He needs it to fund the stipend (Costing the costs of travel, study, Housing, Health Insurance, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Guidance, Costing Odontologico, Dressing Room, Educational courseware for the Study of Language. Support It is a gaudy Actor, Model and Singer!

Collaborate deposited in the account of the Mother of Actor Maria Aparecida Correia Claudio together with Him!
Bank of Brazil - Savings Account
Stock No.: 0179-1
Account No.: 51044-0

We thank the Fans and Admirers and Friends and Brothers of the Christian Faith!

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